What Agents Are Saying

At Opus Elite, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and support to our agents. Here’s what our agents have to say about their experience with us.

Joe Gutowski Designation

"I just hit my two year mark as a licensed real estate agent and starting off I didn’t really know what to expect from a brokerage. But from the second I sat down to speak with Mark & Volkan I was immediately taken back by not only the type of people they are but by the vision and atmosphere they’ve created with Opus. To this day I don’t have a single complaint and I know whatever questions or problems I have, someone at Opus will be there to help. I couldn’t be happier with my time here at Opus Elite! "

Morgan Goldenbaum Designation

"The culture at Opus is the best. Everyone there is always working together to be the best version of themselves. There is truly someone to call for help 24/7 and the owners Mark and Volkan have a special way of calming your nerves and helping you feel confident in yourself and your deals. There is also tons of good humor, a great atmosphere, and positive energy!"

Brendan Markle Designation

"Why do I like working at Opus? Because there are some things I really don't like I don't like fees I don't like being one of 500 agents I don't like leadership that is inaccessible if you aren't an ultra top producing agent I don't like being at a brokerage that isn't passionate about what they do I don't like brokerages that think about their bottom line before the community they serve and I really, really don't like meetings without food Why do I like working at Opus? Because there's nothing not to like! "

Cyndi Duffy Designation

"Opus Elite is a family like no other.. mark and Volkan truly care about each and every one of us. They focus on the agent- building what we need- not making it a top down directive but a collaborative work environment that allows us all to be the agents we want to be. I’m so happy I made the switch! I "

Kimberly Losch Designation

"I love working at Opus Elite because here, our team is a family. Every agent is there for you and Mark & Volkan make sure that your needs are heard and met. I knew from the beginning that this is a family I would like to be a part of and l do not regret it!"

Robert Gutowski Designation

"I’ve been a realtor for 29 years. This company is the best I’ve ever had the privilege of working for. Their leadership goes above and beyond to make agents feel valued and happy. I just wish this brokerage was around when I started."

Mildred McCormick Designation

"I must say whenever I need anything, even the big things. Volkan and Mark are always available! I "

Nicole Williams Designation

"I love working with the talented people at Opus because everyone is focused on learning and serving our community. Our work revolves around the community's needs and how to continue to serve and lead in an ever changing environment. Volkan and Mark are like no other brokers I have worked with. Very responsive and actually care about building relationships with their real estate agents. I feel valued and respected and more equipped to serve my clients! !"

Lindsay McCormick Designation

"After being in the business for ten years and previously working at two other Corporate brokers I was looking for a change. I wanted a company with a family type atmosphere. I wanted a company that appreciated all of their agents and provided tools for everyone to grow. I wanted a brokerage that was active in the community and didn't charge monthly fees and offered fair splits. Well I got all of my wishes and more coming to Opus Elite. I will never forget when one of my brokers said I want you to be happy. When you are happy the money will follow. That speaks volumes about our brokerage and how much they care about their agents. I am so happy at Opus and it is the best business decision I have made. All of our agents are wonderful and treat each other like family. The amount of trainings, classes and events offered is phenomenal! I have found my final home with Opus Elite and I can not say enough good things about not only the company but Mark and Volkan and what they do for us. I hope they know how much they are appreciated!!"

Angilena Kerper Designation

"Opus is truly in a league of its own within the real estate industry. Beyond our distinctive orange branding, eye-catching name, and beloved mascot Otto the Octopus, what truly sets us apart is the genuine care and support provided by our owners.In my two years with Opus, I've been consistently impressed by the dedication of our owners to the success and well-being of every member of our team. Their commitment to personal and professional growth is unparalleled, and it's clear that they sincerely want each of us to thrive.Opus goes above and beyond to create an environment of excellence and camaraderie. From the extravagant parties and engaging events to the invaluable wellness coaching, training opportunities, and community involvement, it's evident that our brokerage prioritizes not just business success, but also the holistic development of its members.The support provided by our Elite Support Team is invaluable, guiding us towards shared business goals and fostering enduring relationships both within and outside the brokerage. With Mark and Volkan's unwavering support, knowledge, and guidance, I am confident that I've invested my time in a business that will yield immense returns.I am incredibly fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and supportive community at Opus Realty. As I continue on my career journey, I do so with excitement and pride, knowing that I am part of a brokerage that truly values its members and is committed to their success.Here's to the bright future ahead with Opus Realty!"